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Life Infertility clinic welcomes overseas patients who wish to fulfill their long cherished dream of conceiving a baby through ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology).

Wherever possible, our clinic will try and establish contact with your local doctor who may be able to complete preliminary investigations before you reach here. Some times it may be possible to start Pre-IVF treatment locally and reach here in time for the IVF stimulation programme.

All overseas couples who require to use our clinic are advised to contact us with relevant details 3 – 6 months ahead of the actual treatment cycle.

Bengaluru (previously “Bangalore”) is a beautiful, vibrant city. There is plenty to do and see during your stay here.

We welcome our overseas guests in advance and hope to make your journey here a success in every way that your heart desires.
In the Words of Lao Tzu
A tree as big as a person’s embrace begins as a tiny shoot.
A terrace nine stories high rises from a shovelful of earth.
A journey of a thousand miles begins under your feet.