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Rs. 300/- for first consultation and Rs. 250/- for re-view thereafter
Included as part of consultation usually. If extensive counseling needed charged separately as Rs. 300/-
  Ultra Sound Scanning
Trans Vaginal Pelvic Scans Rs. 600/ - Follicular study Rs. 800/-
  Semen Processing
For Analysis = Rs. 300/- For Insemination = Rs. 1500/-
  Intra Uterine Insemination
Rs. 500/-
Monitoring and treatment of IVF / ICSI cycles
  Cost of IVF / ICSI Cycle
Rs. 60,000/-
  Cost of Hormone Injections
Rs. 30,000/-
  Cost of Follicular Scans
Rs. 800/-
  Cost of Hormone Tests
Rs. 2000/-
  Professional Charges
Rs. 5000/-
The above are charges of IVF / ICSI per cycle attempt approximately